Washington Co-operative Housing Association (WCHA)

373 Burnside Rd East, Victoria, BC V9A 1A7

Washington Co-op Housing Association (WCHA) is a 59 unit, not-for-profit housing co-op encompassing approximately two acres of property located in the Burnside/Gorge neighbourhood of Victoria, BC.

It comprises one four-storey building (facing Burnside Rd) of one- and two-bedroom apartments, each with a balcony, and five separate blocks of 21 townhouses, accessible from Washington Avenue. Each townhouse includes a small front yard and fenced back yard connecting to open greenspace and playground within the complex. Pets are allowed in the townhouses only (none in the apartment building) and limited to one dog or cat per household.

As a registered company, the Association requires prospective members to purchase shares in an amount commensurate with the size of their unit to secure tenure. Once membership is established they are considered to be a tenant/owner of the unit under the Co-op Housing Act and entitled to a vote in the running and management of the Association, living alongside other members to form a community.

Housing charges for each unit are based on overall cost to maintain and manage operations of the co-op complex and this rent assessment is required monthly by members’ pre-authorized debit. Money paid for shares does not generate interest and becomes redeemable at time of departure, similar to a security deposit.

Governance is by a board of directors elected from the membership and day-to-day operations are carried out by a combination of employees (e.g., Facilities Manager, Office Administrator), contractors and member volunteers.

WCHA is a member of The Co-op Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC), a co-operative association made up of member housing co-ops and related organizations in British Columbia.